All Star Brawl 2

Fighting games pulling together different characters from a whole range of other games or cartoons are becoming more and more popular. So no wonder All Star Brawl 2 has been so hotly anticipated. Now this great project is here, and you can make your own option about it first-hand! The game invites you to check out how your favorite characters from Nickelodeon cartoons will fair in combats against one another. Shall we start?

In total, the fight can include up to four players. You can choose between standard fights and those where you have a limited time. There are also several sports modes allowing you to try your hand at less traditional contests – for instance, hitting the ball into the goalpost of your opponent. In other words, there is enough variety so that you don’t get bored. Plus it takes time to try all the characters available in the game and learn both their weak and strong sides. That will definitely come in handy in further battles because you really need to know your warrior to come up with an efficient tactic.

And there is a wide space for tactical maneuvers here. The movements that are unique to every hero can be used cunningly depending on the landscape of the location and combined to form powerful attacks. If you learn how to do that, you will definitely get an edge over less experienced rivals. That motivates you to play All Star Brawl 2 as much as possible and it never gets monotonous because there are so many great things to explore here. Plus if you take your time learning the ins and outs of every character, you will also know what to expect from your opponents when they will be playing as them.

The online fights can boast an individual approach. You can also join a quick match to enter the combat right now or invite your friends. There is also a competitive game that allows you to choose the stages of the contest and uses a simple ranging system. Regardless of whether you were planning the match with a company beforehand or you just felt like playing a bit and launched the game right now without having anyone in particularly to play with, you will surely find an opponent real fast. So if you have a few spare minutes tonight, you already know what to do!

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