All Star Brawl Nickelodeon

Have you already checked out All Star Brawl? This arcade will be a real present for Nickelodeon fans and all those who still remember and love the heroes that this great channel has created for us. It’s a crossover arcade fighting game where most of the cute cartoon heroes will battle each other for the title of the champion of the arena. More precisely, it will allow us to find out who is the best warrior. Is this SpongeBob? Maybe CatDog? Or is it Leonardo from Ninja Turtles? It’s up to you and your reflexes!
Each of the heroes is unique and has a range of moves that can be performed in battle. Along with this, there are such simple techniques as jumping, dodging, blocking and grabbing. All the movements are very easy to do, but some of them have really deep mechanics and can help in many situations.
For example, wavedash can assist you in getting benefit from the platforms you fight on. You just need to get the hang of this trick, and you will have the upper hand if your opponent doesn’t know anything about it. You will be able to climb off the platform while avoiding your rival’s attacks. It will rescue you from losing your life as you know how to find your way around the platforms while hitting the enemy. It can also be helpful in provoking the enemies to attack. You can get close to your rival, and at the very moment as they are readying to make their move, you can knock them back before they have a chance to do it. Thus, you will receive a great chance to attack them.
Any movement can also be resorted to in a combo. You can try to combine dash attacks and grapples with them so that your attacks do more damage than usual. The controls are very simple. For example, for wavedash, you just have to press the right trigger along with the jump button simultaneously in the desired direction. Note that you can only swing in the air. So you can use this movement while you’re making a jump or falling.
However, remember that there are also specific conditions and peculiarities for each of these movements. Continuing talking about wavedash, keep one thing in mind – that while swinging, you cannot walk past your opponents unless they are launching an attack. However, you can get past them in case they miss the hit and if they end up on the ground. Learn more about this amazing game and discover your own tricks and perks that will make every minute of playing All Star Brawl Nickelodeon an endless source of positive mood!

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