All Star Brawl Roster

What makes All Star Brawl so special? Unlike other fighting games, here the victory is awarded not to the one who shortened the enemy’s life bar to zero (although this condition can also be selected), but to the player who managed to push the opponent out of the screen more times. This is far from being as easy as it seems.

Instead of health, fighters have a percentage scale of damage – the higher the value, the further the hero will fly away, hitting the trigger. In the absence of damage, of course, you should not worry, unless you yourself jump into the abyss, and when the number exceeds a hundred, then you should be afraid of a rapid travel into space.

Although being knocked out of the ring does not mean instant death, since in order to kill an opponent, he needs to fly a certain distance. You can still return to a solid surface from seemingly hopeless situations, using a double jump and any other techniques that allow the character to move in the air to the sides or up.

In general, All Star Brawl requires not so much fighting skills as platform skill: the ability to jump, run and climb the arenas. They are as diverse as possible, often consisting of several floors. Moreover, some of them radically change during the battle: they split the floor into several small platforms, narrow, expand and generally behave quite differently from ordinary fighting games. We can say that in addition to the characters, there is a neutral player at the location – in fact, the arena itself.

At the same time, the control is as simple as possible: there are regular and special attacks, which are modified by deflecting the stick, plus block and capture. For example, with a simple press of a key, the hero will shoot, and if you lower the stick down and hit, he will make a sweep. Each fighter will have only the necessary minimum techniques, they are performed intuitively after a little practice. You can get comfortable with any fighter from a huge list pretty quickly. Enjoy the game!

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