Nickelodeon All Star Brawl

It’s undeniable that the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is strongly inspired by another game Smash Bros. Just like it, All-Star Brawl will take you to battle with a huge variety of characters across different platforms and sometimes mobile. Again, you don’t have HP, but the percentage grows with each hit you take. The more of it you have, the more distance you will fly when you catch another attack.

When you are pulled out of the frame, you lose level. There are regular attacks giving you the ability to quickly increase the percentage of your opponents, powerful attacks to repel them, plus special hits with the help of which you can make your move from a distance, for instance, or help you get back to the platform when you get out of it.

There are small changes, for example, jumps only work with the button, and not with the lever up. The developers have also differentiated between tilt and crushing attacks: you just have an individual button for powerful attacks that are also used as crushing attacks. Although the ballistics were specific to each character in Smash, each hero can speed up the backfire of the projectile, turning a single shot into a ping-pong game.

The largest tweak you can see in All-Star Brawl is the freedom of movement. Even if the character is slow compared to the rest, they are still very fast. And that concerns not only the rate at which they attack and recover, but also in the speed of their movement through the level. What has made it possible is mostly the air dash system. The game features airborne dribbling from Smash Bros. You can turn in any direction for a dash. Thus, even characters with a heavy weight such as Starfish Patrick or the Raptor of the Hunters can fly around the map without hindrance. This, along with other subtle alternations such as immunodeficiency when hanging off the edge, maintains momentum.

There are also a few mods for local multiplayer and arcade mode. The latter is a sequence solo battles in which you can fight between two opponents. It can only be used to open pictures. Mods for local multiplayer give you an ability to play in teams or, for instance, activate critical knockouts (in which life is lost after 100% damage), but you cannot save your preferred formations. However, there is a separate sport mode in which you do not hit each other, but the ball, hoping to hit the opponent’s goal. Play All Star Brawl online right now and make your own opinion about this marvelous game!

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