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Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Game Play Online

All Star Brawl is a new crossover project that pulls together all Nickelodeon characters into one vibrant, fascinating fighting game. Here you can fight as SpongeBob, learn all the tricks Ninja Turtles have up their sleeves and let out all of your rage as Invader Zim. There are plenty of heroes available to choose from, and each of them has unique battle mechanics that will surely make every fight a memorable and one of a kind event!

All Nickelodeon heroes on a battle arena!

The essence of All Star Brawl is a fun deconstruction of the familiar fighting game genre. Here, instead of serious men with backgrounds about saving the world, there are CatDog and Arnold, circling in a merry battle dance. Instead of static arenas from other fights, there are scenes saturated with events: something constantly disappears, appears, explodes, drowns and turns over, sometimes the battlefield moves to the side, and objects that change the rules of the game always fall from the sky. Even the health bar is not like everyone else’s – the percentages in it only grow, and the larger they are, the easier it is to throw a fighter out of the arena. And victory is achieved only in this way.

Instead of complex lists of “fatalities” and super attacks, you need to learn only four special attacks, each of which is performed with one button and one direction on the gamepad. Moreover, all the techniques are very different. As different as the fighters are unlike each other. Finally, instead of the usual one-on-one battle, he offers to have fun with a large company. You can release four opponents at once for one fight, the main thing is to find the right number of controllers. In addition, here you can customize everything for yourself – even the additional parameters of each hero lend themselves to point changes.

Choose your mode and enjoy the game!

If you get tired fighting, you can also try other modes. For instance, there are those allowing you to take part in a football match. You will win if you score more goals into the goalpost of your opponent than them. There are also other interesting games to check out, you just have to find people to play with.

Luckily, even if you haven’t arranged a get-together with your friends, there are enough players waiting online to enter the battle. You can find plenty of them any time in a quick game. All Star Brawl will surely make your day and fill you with amazing emotions. Start playing this great game online right now and have fun!

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